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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use acrylic paints for small details and weathering?

Yes, acrylic paints work well both mixed directly in with Flexi Paint™ and applied on top of Flexi Paint™.

Do I need a primer for Flexi Paint™?

​No. Flexi Paint™ is its own primer. It bonds very well to EVA foam as a primer, mid and top coat.

Can I air brush Flexi paint™?

​Yes, but you will need to dilute it with water (distilled for best results). Flexi Paint™ also works well with a cup gun too.

Best results are from using an airbrush with a large nozzle sprayed at low pressure.

Is Flexi Paint™ durable?

Yes it is also suitable for Larp weapons.

Is it latex free?

​Yes. Flexi Paint™ contains no Latex.

​Can I use Flexi Paint™ on fabrics and leather?

​Yes, Flexi Paint™ sticks to a wide range of fabrics including leather.

​Does Flexi Paint™ stick to latex?

​Yes, just make sure your surface is clean and free of dust and grease.

Do you offer partnerships or sponsorship?

​Flexi Paint™ has stirred a lot of interest in the cosplay community, we keep a close eye on what everyone is making and who is using what products. Like, comment, share and tag us in your work, tagging our products. This does not guarantee a partnership or sponsorship but it will get our attention!

Do you sell to Trade/re-sellers/online stores?

​Yes. We are happy to offer trade prices for re-sellers. If you are interested in becoming a re-seller please contact us.

I have got Flexi Paint™ on my skin, is it going to pull my hairs out and hurt?!

No, just use warm soapy water and either baby oil or a baby wipe to wash it off. No hairs will be pulled out!

I have spilt some Flexi Paint™ how can I clear it up?

If the Flexi Paint™ is still wet baby wipes do a fantastic job at clearing up spills, if you do not have any baby wipes a warm, wet, soapy cloth should do just as well.

If the Flexi Paint™ has set, we admit it is not going to be easy to get off, it's got grip! Try soking what ever the Flexi Paint™ is on in hot water for 1 to 2 hours then try peeling the Flexi Paint™ off. If this does not work try soaking the item in baby oil for 1 to 2 hours, making sure the baby oil penetrates underneath the Flexi Paint™, it should then peel off.

What happens if Flexi Paint™ gets wet?
Flexi Paint™ is water proof. If there is a lot of water on it the Flexi Paint may discolour (go white) for a bit. This does not affect any of Flexi Paint's properties and once it has dried out it will return to it's correct colour. Adding Silicone Oil will help by providing a barrier to stop the discolouration happening so much.

Silicone Oil and Tack FAQs

What type of silicone oil can I use?
You can use any silicone lubricant sprays such as tire shine and dashboard shines found in most car/auto or hardware/DIY shops. Just double check there is silicone in it and away you go!

How do I apply the silicone oil?
Give your piece a quick spray over if you are using a spray then buff any excess silicone oil off and you are done! 
If you are using a liquid silicone oil put a tiny amount on to a rag/cloth, rub the cloth over your piece and buff off any excess silicone oil using a fresh rag/cloth, done!

Do I use silicone oil as a primer? Can I use silicone oil in-between layers of paint?
No, silicone oil is the very last coat to your piece so should only be used once your piece is completely finished and all paint is dry.

Can I paint over the top of silicone? What happens if I need to paint over the top?
No you cannot paint over the top of silicone oil. If you need to add some paint use a baby wipe to wipe away as much of the silicone oil as you can. If you are able to wash the piece with soapy water after using the baby wipes and leave to dry. This should then bring back Flexi Paint's tack so you are able to add more paint. Remember to silicone oil again once you have finished!

How long does silicone oil take to dry?
Silicone oil does not dry, try to buff off as much excess as you can using paper towels or a cloth.

Does it make my costume indestructible?
Unfortunately it will not make your costume indestructible but it will help to keep it sealed, clean and dust free.

Will it make my costume: slimy/shiny/glossy?
It will not make your costume slimy, just make sure you use only a tiny amount of silicone oil and buff off as much oil as possible. It will give your piece a slight shine/gloss.

Do I have use Silicone oil?
You can paint directly onto Flexi Paint™ with Acrylics or powder pigments, the tack will grip these perfectly.
If you want to remove the tack you will need to use the Silicone oil.