Yes, acrylic paints work well both mixed directly in with New & improved Flexi Paint™ and applied on top of Flexi Paint™.

No. New & improved Flexi Paint™ is its own primer. It bonds very well to EVA foam as a primer, mid and top coat.

Yes, but you will need to dilute it with water (distilled for best results). New & improved Flexi Paint™ also works well with a cup gun too.

Best results are from using an airbrush with a large nozzle sprayed at low pressure.

​Yes. Flexi Paint™ contains no Latex.

Yes, New & improved  Flexi Paint™ bonds to a wide range of fabrics including leather.

Yes, just make sure your surface is clean and free of dust and grease.

New & improved  Flexi Paint™ has stirred a lot of interest in the cosplay community and we love seeing everyone’s work, if you’ve used our products before, get in touch!

​Yes. We are happy to offer trade prices for re-sellers. If you are interested in becoming a re-seller please contact us.

No, just use warm soapy water or a baby wipe to wash it off. 

If the New & improved Flexi Paint™ is still wet baby wipes do a fantastic job at clearing up spills, if you do not have any baby wipes a warm, wet, soapy cloth should do just as well.

If the New & improved Flexi Paint™ has set, we admit it is not going to be easy to get off, it’s got grip! Try soking what ever the Flexi Paint™ is on in hot water for 1 to 2 hours then try peeling the Flexi Paint™ off. 

New & improved  Flexi Paint™ is water resistant. If there is a lot of water on it the Flexi Paint may discolour (go white) for a bit. This does not affect any of Flexi Paint’s properties and once it has dried out it will return to it’s correct colour. We do however Highly recommend using our of the top coat sealers, such as Matt or Gloss No Tack


This is always a difficult question to answer, it depends on your budget, skill level and the project.  If you’re new to Cosplay, we’d recommend heading over to our User group. The community there are always happy to help and share their knowledge

Using a Sharp knife or a bandsaw if you have one.

We recommend Thixo Fix  from our site. its a fantastic  contact adhesive which doesn’t turn brittle and is super flexible.

Yes! all out Eva foam can be heat formed/moulded using a heat gun.

New & Improved Flexi Paint™, its flexible, non-toxic and latex free, No primer is needed.

Unfortunately it will not make your costume indestructible or give you super powers.

Years of practice!… or use our Flexi Filler which is fast setting and can be smoothed with water to fill those unsightly gaps.

Just ask Google, they have all the answers.