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Coloured Metallic powder pigments


Coloured Metallic powder pigments for Cosplay, LARP, Costumes and Props. 20g

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Mix these powder pigments into Flexi Paint™ to attain a stunning metallic metal finish.
Works best with Clear Flexi Paint™.

To get a metallic finish using Flexi Paint™ and powder pigments:

  1. Mix the powder pigment with a bit of water to make a smooth paste.
  2. Tip the paste in to the Flexi Paint™
  3. Paint the Flexi Paint™ mix onto the surface of your project.
  4. Let it dry.
  5. Once dry put some powder pigment onto a dry sponge and rub onto the Flexi Paint surface.
  6. Buff off any excess powder.
  7. Seal with Silicone oil for an extra glossy finish.

To see a video of the instructions please see the tutorial section of this website or the video here on our Youtube page.

For further tips and tricks join our Facebook group: Tyges Supplies and Flexi Paint Users group.

Important information:
The red powder does cost more than the other colours, there is not a mistake on the website!

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Blue Powder Pigment, Pink Powder Pigment, Green Powder Pigment, Purple Powder Pigment, Red Powder Pigment


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