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Matt & Gloss Top Coat Sealer For Flexi Paint


Matt and Gloss No Tack – top coat, water and weather proof, sealer for Flexi Paint™.  
Fast drying, low odour and Non toxic.
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Many people have asked how to remove the tack from Flexi Paint™ and many have asked why it is tacky.

The tacky surface is because of the high bonding qualities of Flexi Paint™, this means NO PRIMER IS NEEDED. Flexi Paint™ is its own primer and will bond to a wide variety of surfaces without peeling away or cracking.The tack also makes Flexi Paint™ very durable and tough because of that extra bonding power; it grips acrylics, powders and glitters securely to its surface.

The top coats remove the tack from Flexi Paint™ and as it is water and weather proof it eliminates the discolouring of Flexi Paint™ when it is wet.

The Matt top coat turns Flexi Paint­™ to a Matt finish and removes the tack completely. The Gloss top coat keeps your Flexi Paint™ surface Glossy and removes the tack completely as well.

Use on Flexi Paint™ surfaces.
Use a brush to cover your project in a thin layer. 2-3 layers are recommended.
Allow each layer to dry before applying the next layer.
Touch dry in 5-10 minutes per layer.
Wash brushes after use with warm soapy water.

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