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Flexi Paint™ New & Improved

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New & Improved Flexi Paint™ for Cosplay, LARP, Costumes and Props.

Non-toxic, no fumes, no Latex.

Perfect for beginners or professionals.

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NEW & IMPROVED Flexi Paint

That’s right! Flexi Paint’s new formula is better than ever!

Flexi Paint – New & Improved:

  • Better Colour Coverage.
  • Brush Ready.
  • Easier to use.
  • Reduced brush strokes.
  • Easily Wet Sanded.
  • Greatly Reduced Surface Tack after 24 hours when dry. (But still able to grip powder pigments while it’s in the tacky phase)

Flexi Paint™ is still:

  • Non-toxic
  • Latex-free
  • Doesn’t crack
  • Strong bonding
  • Highly flexible
  • Durable
  • No mixing of parts

Tests have shown Flexi Paint™ bonds to:

  • EVA Foam
  • Plastazote
  • Upholstery foam
  • Latex
  • Fabric
  • Polyurethane soft foam


Coloured powder pigments can be added to the Clear base, just add 1%, so a 1/4 teaspoon of powder pigment to 50g of Clear Paint will give you a good metallic look finish. AND a few drops of acrylic paints into the WHITE base will allow you can create any colour you like. So, just two bottles of paint can give you endless colour choices! They are still selling all their original colours if you don’t want to mix your own.

Please see our directions of use here for more details.


Important Information

New & improved – Flexi Paint™ is water-based so brushes and sponges can be washed clean with warm soapy water.

If you get Flexi Paint™ on your skin just use warm soapy water or a baby wipe to wash away.

To remove Flexi paint™ from a surface soak in hot water for an hour or 2, depending on the thickness, then try to peel the Flexi Paint away.


New & improved Flexi Paint™ will dry with a tack-free surface but sealing it with one of our topcoats is still highly recommended.


New & improved Flexi Paint™ is its own primer and will bond to a wide variety of surfaces.

New and improved Flexi Paint™  will take around 24 hours to lose its tack which still gives you enough time to use powders and glitters on the surface.

The Matt and Gloss Top Coats seals are highly recommended because they are water and weatherproof, they eliminate the discolouring of Flexi Paint™ when it is wet.

The Matt Top Coat gives Flexi Paint­™ a Matt finish and

the Gloss top coat keeps your Flexi Paint™ surface Glossy.



How compatible is Flexi Paint™ with acrylic paints for small details and weathering?
​Very. Acrylic paints work well both mixed directly in with Flexi Paint™ as well as applied on top of Flexi Paint™. The tack phase will grip acrylics and powder pigments perfectly, however, topcoat sealers are highly recommended for best results.

Do I need a primer for Flexi Paint™?
No. Flexi Paint™ is an all in one solution. It bonds very well to EVA foam as a primer, mid and topcoat.

Can I airbrush Flexi paint™?
​Yes, but you will need to dilute it with water (distilled for best results). Flexi Paint™ also works well with a cup gun too. This will also depend on your brand of airbrush and the power of your compressor.

Is Flexi Paint™ durable?
Very and is widely used for Cosplay, costumes, props and Larp, but do avoid use in freezing temperatures.

Can I sand Flexi Paint™ to get it really smooth?
​Yes. Our New & improved Flexi Paint as a Wet sandable feature, using 3-4 layers, leave your Flexi Paint™ to fully dry overnight and then use a wet finger or sponge and rub/buff the surface to achieve a perfectly smooth finish. Topcoat sealers are highly recommended for best results and protection.

Is Flexi Paint™ Water-resistant?
Yes.  New & improved Flexi Paint™ is water-resistant. Discolouration may occur when wet, it will return to its normal colour once dry. Using a Matt or Gloss Top Coat will stop this.

Is Flexi Paint™ Non-Toxic?
Yes. Flexi paint™ is water-based, non-toxic, non-flammable and doesn’t have an odour.

Is Flexi Paint™ latex-free?
Yes. Flexi Paint™ contains no Latex.

Can I use Flexi Paint™ on fabrics?
Yes, we have found Flexi Paint™ sticks to a vast range of fabrics including leather

Does Flexi Paint™ stick to latex?

Does Flexi Paint™ stick to EVA/PE Foam?
Yes, Flexi Paint™ bonds perfectly to EVA/PE foams.

​Do you sell to Trade/re-sellers/online stores?
​Yes. We are happy to offer trade prices for re-sellers. If you are interested in becoming a reseller please contact us.

Additional information

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Clear/Transparent, Black, White, Metallic Red, Metallic Blue, Silver, Gun Metal, Gold, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Brown


100g, 250g, 500g

3 reviews for Flexi Paint™ New & Improved

  1. Liam Scully (verified owner)

    I had the original version all the time but the lower tack of this is great and far better.

    It’s a thick paint that if applied thick will self level to an extent but I often use a stipple motion with a sponge brush as it takes texture very well.

    Very easy to thin with water and use through an airbrush.

    Obviously as soon as this bottle finishes I’ll be getting more!

    Cheers Tyges – a great product

  2. Nedine OBrien (verified owner)

    I’ve been using flexi paint since it first came on the market. My main use is for the flight feathers of the animatronic wings I make. I’m one of the few that actually prefer the original version of the flexi paint. However for other uses the new version is superior. The main reason I loved the old version was the non brush ready option. The thickness of the paint allowed me to use the brush strokes to give my feathers texture. The new version self levels too much, which believe me I know is not a ‘complaint’ you’d normally use 🙂

    Both the new and the old versions are brilliant, no primer required on the foam. You can literally tie the foam in knot and the paint won’t crack or peel. This stuff is my absolute favourite of all the paints I’ve tried.

    I get the clear version to add to any acrylic paint I plan to use on my wings or any other foam I want to paint. I Always have some on my shelves. This is my go to product and I’ve tried a few others in my time. I can’t recommend it highly enough.
    Thanks Tyges!

  3. Paul pethers (verified owner)

    Flexi paint is a great product, I have mainly used the silver and polishing it with pigment powder. Be prepared the silver itself is not vibrant but once you polish on the pigment it pops with a chrome like finish. I would recommend gloves, not because its toxic in any way its just I found handling the piece I’m working on can leave residues from your fingers and leaves a mark that shows when polishing.
    I also mix flexi paint clear in with my normal acrylics to make them more flexible too.

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