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Stick it!


Stick it! is a water-based, skin safe, low odour, strong adhesive.

Once Stick it! has dried it creates a waterproof, strong bond which lasts for a long period of time on skin. This is ideal for applying prosthetics and other make-up components.

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Stick it! can be removed by using gentle makeup remover, baby oil or baby wipes.

Stick it! can be used with EVA, PE and Plastazote foams as an alternative to contact adhesives and is NOT intended to be a replacement. It is ideally used for sticking large areas of foam rather than finer details.

Because of Stick it!’s unique properties it will remain sticky, constantly bonding the parts.

To Apply Stick it!:

  1. Apply a liberal coat of Stick It! to both surfaces you want to bond. (we recommend wearing gloves – it is skin safe but it is also super sticky and dries fast) apply the glue to only the areas you want to be glued, scrap pieces of foam will be ideal for this rather than a brush.
  2. Don’t worry if you think you have put it on too thick, it will dry fine (a hair dryer or a fan will help speed this up)
  3. Leave them to dry, you will know once they are ready. It will turn clear and will become very sticky.
  4. Carefully stick the parts together in the same way you would with contact adhesive, apply a little pressure and you’re ready to go!

Stick it! is an alternative product, we recommend using it for props or for areas of a costume which are not stress points.

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