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The Book of Cosplay Lights by Svetlana Quindt – Kamui Cosplay


Want to create awesome glowing orbs or other cool effects?

This book by Svetlana Quindt (Kamui Cosplay) is a must have for you!

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This fantastic 48 page guide book covers:

  • Introduction to LEDs
  • Understanding electricity
  • Calculating resistors
  • Serial and parallel connections
  • Calculating battery lifespan
  • Required tools and materials
  • Troubleshooting
  • Molding and casting resin gemstones with LEDs
  • Building glowing acrylic spheres
  • Lighting up Plexiglas
  • no need to calculate anything – just pick a pre-arranged circuit and start soldering!

And example costume project guides:

  • Dani Moonstar – Marvel
  • Druid T9 – World of Warcraft
  • Protoss Wizard – Blizzard Crossover

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