Silicone Oil, Flexi Paint™ tack remover for Cosplay, LARP, Costumes and Props

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Many people have asked how to remove the tack from Flexi Paint™ and many have asked why it is tacky.

The tacky surface is because of the high bonding qualities of Flexi Paint™, this means NO PRIMER IS NEEDED. Flexi Paint™ is its own primer and will bond to a wide variety of surfaces without peeling away or cracking.

The tack also makes Flexi Paint™ very durable and tough because of that extra bonding power; it grips acrylics, powders and glitters securely to its surface.

Silicone oil or silicone spray removes the tack completely and keeps your project clean and dust free..

...You clean your workspace... you clean your tools..
Wouldn’t you want to keep your project you worked so hard on clean, dirt, dust free and protected?

While we do sell Silicone oil, any Silicone lubricant sprays, tire shine and dashboard shines found in most Car/auto or DIY shops will work just as well, just make sure there is Silicone in it.

To apply Silicone Oil:
  1. Put a tiny amount of Silicone oil onto a clean cloth and rub over your project.
  2. Using a fresh clean cloth buff off any excess Silicone oil.
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