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Tyges PE, high density, closed cell foam.45*

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Tyges Foam 45* is a PE high density closed cell foam.

Upgrade from your foam mats with our 45* high density PE foam!

45* is slightly firmer than your foam matting while still semi soft and flexible.

It comes in a huge 1000mm by 2000mm sheet size with no texture on either side meaning you can get the most out of your foam without having to flip your patterns.

  • Suitable for props and armour.
  • Smooth on both sides.
  • Up to 1000mm x 2000mm sheet size.

45* foam is ideal for:
  • Cutting
  • Heat forming
  • Soldering iron detailing
  • Large sections
  • Padding

Sheet Sizes: 1000mm by 2000mm OR 1000mm by 1000mm

(If you would need thinner or thicker sizes please contact us for details.)
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Weight 2kg
Product Code Blk455mm1x1