Seeking Creative Partners in Content Creation & Videography at Tyges Ltd! 🎥✨

Are you skilled in crafting and have a flair for storytelling through video? Tyges Ltd, a leading supplier of crafting materials such as EVA foam and Flexi Paint, is looking for talented individuals and companies with a strong background in content creation and videography.

Opportunity Highlights:

  • Create dynamic content highlighting the versatility and quality of our crafting supplies.
  • Utilize your expertise in video production, from filming to editing, to produce engaging content for social media and promotional efforts.
  • This collaboration is project-based with the potential for growth, involving visits to our headquarters in Beeston, Norfolk, PE32 2NQ.

Ideal Partners Will:

  • Have comprehensive knowledge of crafting materials and their applications, ensuring our products are showcased effectively.
  • Boast professional videography and editing skills, aimed at generating compelling visual content.
  • Be prepared to travel to Beeston for hands-on collaboration, contributing innovation and creativity to our projects.

If you're passionate about crafting, understand the value of quality materials, and possess the skills to bring creative projects to life through video, we'd love to collaborate with you.