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150kg Ultra HD Foam

150kg Ultra HD Foam

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150kg High-Density  Foam: Your Ultimate Prop Crafting Companion!

Available in White only!

Hey Cosplayers and creative crafters! If you’re into film, TV, cosplay, or any creative project, you need to check out Tyges 150kg. This high-density, rigid foam is a game-changer for all your crafting needs. Here’s why you’ll love it:

Why Tyges 150kg EVA Foam is Perfect for You:

  • Sturdy and Reliable: With a density of 150kg/m³, 150kg ensures your props will last. Say goodbye to flimsy materials and hello to durable creations!
  • Smooth Surface: The closed-cell structure provides a smooth surface, perfect for intricate details and pristine finishes.
  • Detail Mastery: Thanks to its high density, you can carve intricate details with ease, giving your props a professional touch.
  • Heat-Forming Made Easy: Need to bend and shape your foam? No problem! 150kg is easy to heat-form, allowing you to create complex shapes effortlessly.
  • Effortless Sanding: Smooth out any imperfections quickly. 150kg sands beautifully, making your project look amazing from every angle.

If you want your props to stand out at the next con, Tyges 150kg High-Density  Foam is your go-to choice. Happy crafting!


Our foam sheets may vary slightly in size, with a tolerance of -0.5mm to +0.5mm from the specified dimensions. This small range is due to factors like temperature, humidity, and cutting methods during manufacturing. While we use strict quality control measures to minimise these variations, perfect precision within fractions of a millimetre is challenging for foam materials. Rest assured, this tolerance is an industry-standard practice to ensure you receive high-quality foam sheets.

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