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65* Density Cosplay Foam for Costumes & Craft

65* Density Cosplay Foam for Costumes & Craft

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Step up your crafting with our 65kg HD foam – where durability meets flexibility!

Perfectly suited for a wide array of props and armour pieces, this foam is a game-changer for any cosplay enthusiast.

Its firmer and denser quality not only ensures your creations hold shape flawlessly but also brings a professional edge to your craft.

Imagine edges so smooth, they feel like a dream, thanks to easy sanding.

And that's not all - this foam is a cosplayer's best friend, being heat mouldable for that perfect, custom fit.

Whether you're cutting, heat scoring, or moulding, our HD foam makes it a breeze.

But wait, there's more! It comes in an array of sizes and thicknesses to match your every need.

And the cherry on top? Smoothness on both sides for that impeccable finish.

It's the best of both worlds, designed for the creative, dynamic world of cosplay. Get ready to bring your A-game to every convention and photoshoot with our HD foam – where professional meets flexible!"

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