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Flexi Filler - Foam Seam filler

Flexi Filler - Foam Seam filler

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Flexi Filler is a versatile product designed to fill unsightly seam lines and add texture to your cosplay costumes and props. It is easy to use - simply fill the seams or damaged parts with Flexi Filler using your finger or a spreader, smooth out with water, and let it dry fully. The filler is highly flexible, durable, and has a non-cracking formula, making it perfect for cosplay costumes and props that require a high level of flexibility. It is also non-toxic and latex-free, making it safe to use. Once dried, you can wet sand the filler for a smooth, flexible finish. Flexi Filler does not require any top coats and has a matte appearance when dry. Please note that Flexi Filler should not be used as a surface coat where flexibility and impact durability is required. Check out our tutorial video for more information on how to use Flexi Filler.
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