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Hot Foam Glue Sticks for Cosplay HD & Craft Foams

Hot Foam Glue Sticks for Cosplay HD & Craft Foams

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Say goodbye to those toxic solvent smells and working outside in the cold with Tyges Specialty Hot Glue - the ultimate solution for all your Eva foam bonding needs!

“I’ve been using Tyges Hot Foam Glue for my projects, and I’m genuinely impressed! It applies just like any other hot glue, but once it dries, it's a whole different story. It’s like having the best of both worlds - it sets like a contact adhesive, ensuring everything stays perfectly in place. Unlike regular hot glue that tends to be rigid and inflexible, this glue maintains its flexibility, which is a game-changer for my builds. It’s fantastic to finally have a glue that doesn’t compromise the flexibility of my designs.”

Our Hot Glue is specially designed to work with Eva foam and provides a strong, flexible and durable bond that is perfect for your cosplay and costume creations.

No more worrying about toxic fumes or ventilation - our Hot Glue is safe to use indoors with a standard glue gun for 12mm diameter stick size and 30cm in length.

Get ready to take your foam crafting to the next level with Tyges Specialty Hot Glue - the perfect tool for all your cosplay and costume needs!

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