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Magnetic Tape 2pc - Ideal for Cosplay Foam Armour Attachments

Magnetic Tape 2pc - Ideal for Cosplay Foam Armour Attachments

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Make your cosplay crafting easier with our Magnetic Tape, tailored for effortless attachment of foam armour and accessories. Each set includes two pieces of magnetic tape, measuring 760 x 12.5mm, providing a secure and flexible fixing solution. Cut the tape to your desired length, peel off the backing, and adhere it to your foam creations. It cuts smoothly with scissors or a knife, ensuring precise application for detailed cosplay designs.


  • Length: 760mm per piece
  • Width: 12.5mm
  • Quantity: 2 pieces
  • Dimensions: 1.8 × 9 × 16 cm

Key Features:

  • Perfect for attaching and adjusting foam armour and accessories
  • Easy to cut with scissors or knife for custom fitting
  • Simple peel-and-stick application for quick use
  • Provides strong magnetic hold for secure attachments

Tailored specifically for cosplayers, this magnetic tape offers a versatile and reliable method to create detachable and adjustable foam armour pieces. Simplify your cosplay projects with our Magnetic Tape 2pc set and enjoy the convenience of secure and easy-to-manage attachments.

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