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Worbla's Transpa Art (WTA) - the world's most famous thermoplastic

Worbla's Transpa Art (WTA) - the world's most famous thermoplastic

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Introducing Worbla’s Transpa Art (WTA) - the transparent, heat-formable sheet that's a must-have for your crafting toolkit! This incredibly flexible material is perfect for creating deep, detailed designs while staying dimensionally stable.

Like all products in the Worbla's Art series, WTA is safe and solvent-free, giving you peace of mind while you craft. Activated at around 120°C, we recommend using work gloves to protect against heat and burns.

WTA takes about 10 minutes to harden fully but can be reactivated anytime, making it great for gradual shaping and corrections. Use a damp sponge or modelling tools for precise work, or knead it for a slightly milky effect, perfect for LED-lit decorations.

To add colour, try iDyePoly before moulding or use heat-elastic adhesive film for a vibrant finish. Alternatively, spray paint or glass paint for endless creative possibilities.

Clean up excess material with a cutter and treat rough areas with clear varnish. For seamless joins, use transparent superglue or get creative with a soldering iron, eyelets, and rivets.

With Worbla’s Transpa Art, your crafting options are truly limitless!

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